Test Worx contains over 9 clinically researched ingredients specifically formulated to give you a noticeable edge in any sport or activity both on and off the field.* No other product on the market compares.


Eurycoma Longifolia (LJ100)


Natural root extract from the jungles of Malaysia shown to improve levels of free testosterone throughout the body and increases muscle strength, reduces stress, adds muscle mass and maximizes energy for more intense workouts. Click to see 13 Lj100 clinical trials.*




Essential amino acid been proven to dilate blood vessels and enables oxygen and nutrients to rapidly move into muscles. Naturally enhances exercise performance, especially for running, cycling or weightlifting.*


Vitamin B-12


B-12 is needed to produce healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to the muscles. B-12 is essential to cyclists, wrestlers, weightlifters, runners or any athlete at a high level of competition. Helps to reduce fatigue, muscle weakness and a lack of motivation.*


Tribulus Terrestis


A root extract from the Andes, this natural testosterone enhancer is highly prized by power lifters and athletes throughout the world. This well researched natural product is not a hormone or steroid. Helps the body to add lean muscle mass, increases metabolism, focus and energy.*


Vitamin B-6


This vitamin is essential to the production and regulation of testosterone. B-6 also helps to relieve stress, improve mental well-being, aids in the conversion of fat to energy and may help with inflammation.*




Zinc in the proper dosage, is essential for the body to maintain proper testosterone levels, especially in athletes who engage in intense physical exercise be it the martial arts, intense weight training or rigorous climbing and hiking. Zinc improves immunity, healing and it is essential for overall well-being.*




A natural, safe extract from Peru. It helps the body adapt to physical stress such as intense triathlon training or weightlifting competition. Maca fights fatigue, heightens energy and naturally improves muscle gain.*


Nettle Root


The stinging nettle plant is used to produce an effective and safe treatment for muscle recovery after tough workouts, improves energy, lessens arthritis pain and reduces prostate swelling in BPH.*


Pyridoxine -3- Carboxamide (Niacinamide)


Niacinamide or B-3 assists in promoting healthy blood flow, reduces inflammation, may facilitate cellular repair, lowers anxiety and may improve athletic endurance.*