Quit Blaming Yourself
SHBG Is Robbing You Of Free Testosterone!

There are 2 different ways to measure testosterone in someone’s body. Total Testosterone(TT) and Free Testosterone(FT). It is Free testosterone that is responsible for entering cells and providing the body with energy, muscle mass, intensity and overall well being.

The problem is most testosterone is bound to SHBG and unable to be used by the body. SHBG or Sex Hormone Binding Globulin is a protein molecule that binds to testosterone rendering it inactive and unable for use by the body.

As we age free testosterone levels naturally fall and SHBG levels naturally rise causing a vicious cycle of lower and lower free testosterone levels.


Ingredients in Test Worx have been clinically proven to inhibit the bonding of SHBG to testosterone resulting in increased Free Testosterone.

SHGB-imageIn as little as 2-3 weeks most customers experience explosive energy levels, increased intensity and stamina, faster recovery and better overall mood and well-being.*


Revolutionary 6 Week Regimen Based on Science

TEST WORx does not offer a 4 week “quickie” promise but a scientifically formulated 6 week supply. Most clinical research done on ingredients shown to boost performance are done in 6-8 week trials. Not 4.The TEST WORx 6 week regimen has been specifically created to unlock your body’s natural ability to achieve maximum results by avoiding “adaptation” or “tolerance” to unleash maximum muscle growth and performance.*


Maximum results are achieved by following our specially formulated dosage instructions of 5 days on followed by 2 days off during physical rest days. Even on rest days you are receiving the benefits of TEST WORx as your body readjusts to normal levels without building up tolerance.

After week 6 you will take 1 full week off from TEST WORx product to stimulate your body’s natural response to tolerance and buildup just as elite athletes switch their routine to stimulate and “trick” their body in further growth and performance.